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The idea of Nippes Home Productions is going back to the year 2001 when DJ I.R.S. ONE started releasing four Hip-Hop mixtapes and two Hip-Hop albums on CD by the group Shadow Birds. The distribution was limited to the local Hip-Hop stores at the time.

After several years mainly working as a DJ. the artist I.R.S. ONE changed his name to Dexter Dub and searched for the opportunity to make his music accessible for a broader audience. 2008 the next step was to work as a sublabel of Basspräsidium Records from Cologne.

The first official release as a sublabel was a vinyl 12inch by Dexter Dub featuring the tracks Behold and Dub Mi Ya Choppa. The vinyl was followed by two albums by Dexter Dub, first Dexters Dub Dimension (2010) and second Earritation (2012), which both came as a CD.

Then Nippes Home Productions decided to distribute on it's own to become independent and this starts 2012 with the digital release of Dexter Dubs second album.

The basis of the label are Dexter Dubs releases and will be also those of artists mainly from Cologne and around. Nippes Home Productions is an open label featuring different styles of music and will always search for artists crossing boarders, melting genres together or just create deep emotions. We put the focus on electronic music, that can be either just programmed or interacting with live instruments.